Saturday, July 14, 2007

I guess this time it's really over...

I just can't go on pretending that this thing between us is actually gonna work.

Who am I kidding? It was a long shot right from the start and I was just a fool to believe that the time will come for both of us.. the time for us to finally be together. I guess, the reality was staring right in front of me but as the cliche' goes I was just too blind to see. But the truth is I just refused to see it.. I chose to live in a lie for I was too scared to face reality.

I just can't let you go even though I know I must. I just love you so much, the feeling is too strong, it hurts like crazy.

But I can't go on hurting forever, I know I must forget you and let you go, no matter how painful, no matter how heartbreaking it can be.

If I could just be with you one last time.. I'm gonna hold you tight and feel your warm embrace.. But I know I must stay away and its dangerous to be close to you I may weaken all my defenses and continue living with this lie.

You belong to her and I belong to another. That's the dilemma we have to face. I was willing to give us a chance, to end my 9-year relationship with someone else just to be with you but you told me you need more time to leave her... I waited, but somehow I feel like I'm only waiting in vain. I just can't wait much longer. I have to move on and forget you.

I didn't tell you goodbye, I just can't bear to utter those words to you but I've made up my mind, this has gone too far and it's time to end this thing between us.

Actually, there never was a "you and me" for quite a while it was only but a dream of "you and me" but that's the closest thing we'll ever be...

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