Tuesday, July 29, 2008
My heart is rambling.

I know it’s wrong to still long for somebody else if you’re supposed to be in a committed relationship but can you really stop loving someone you hold dear in your heart for so long, even though he seem to stop feeling the same way.

Am I still in love with him?

My mind is telling me it can’t be because I already gave my heart to somebody else but then again why is my heart rambling?

Why am I still feeling butterflies in my stomach just the mere mention of my ex’s name?

Why do I still long to see him?

Why do I still gaze at his direction, hoping he wouldn’t catch my eyes looking at him?

It’s supposed to be over. We said our goodbyes ten months ago...

He went his way and I went mine... then why do I still have feelings like these...

Can somebody please tell me why?

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I am a frustrated writer, I always dreamed about being an investigative journalist but I was forced to take a different degree in college. I took up engineering and at first I really had a hard time studying because it involves a lot of mathematics and its technical, I was struggling to pass my subjects but with perseverance and dedication I managed to do well and earn my degree as an engineer. The engineering field I chose involves a lot of field work and exposure at the sun, I don’t mind really but when I was diagnosed to have lupus working became difficult for me. When I’m sick, I spend most of my time at home, my computer served as my only friend. Being alone at home most of the time can really be depressing and for someone who used to be a goal and career driven it was devastating that having a chronic illness holds me back. This is when I decided I need a change of career to adjust to my health condition and since I’m online most of the time I decided to take a chance in shifting my career to IT. I studied once again and in just a few months I was able to have a new career in the IT field and now, I can easily find work that won’t require long exposure in the sun and besides I do love what I’m doing right now. I can even work at the comfort of my own home and I plan to get Cisco certification so that I can be more competitive and be able to find a better job and have more chances to work anywhere in the world if I want to. Having a career in the IT field has such a huge possibility, and it’s only good!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

It was a rainy weekend. After a week of beating deadlines and catching up on my work, I’m exhausted. I’m still not in the best state of health and I need to watch out on my activities to avoid another illness.

We went to church in the morning and I was greeted by everyone and telling me how glad they were that I am already well, they even complimented on how good I look by losing a lot of weight, some say that maybe my illness had some blessing after all.


On our way home, I spotted this cat and it caught my eye because it seems wounded and struggling to get out of the grass. I’m not sure what happened to the cat, I’m scared to go near it because it might bite and I’m allergic to grass. I just hope the cat found a way to get out from that grass and was able to survive.

I had a quiet, relaxing weekend. The weather was just perfect to just chill out and sleep.

Have a nice week ahead.

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I probably have posted this before but I simply love a beautiful bathroom. I always find it relaxing and soothing whenever I go to my bathroom. It is my special place, the place where I can do all my private activities and this is also a place where I can just sit back and pamper myself with a calming bath. I also discovered that aroma oils and lighting scented candles can really give you comfort.

Your bathroom is also a window of your home, keeping it clean is a must. It is not something to brag to others but having a nice bathroom can show how you present your home to others so it is important to keep it polish.

We recently had a bathroom remodel and I just love it. Simplybathtubs.com specializes in bath tubs both expensive and inexpensive, you can also count on them for your bath tub refinishing. Having your very own bath tub is such a wonderful experience. Imagine always soaking in your favorite fragrance, what a relaxing thought. So what are you waiting for, start your very own bath tub refinishing project and find out how simple and easy it is to obtain your very own comforting bath tub.

I have a friend that can stay at her bathroom for the entire day and just soak with bath foams in her bath tub, she upgraded her bath tub and opt for a bigger tub so that her kids can join her. She made it a bonding session with her two girls and whenever it’s hot outside, the best way to beat the heat is to immerse at her huge bath tub and play with her kids. Having a bath tub is not just for relaxation and pampering, you can also find a way to bond with your kids and even have a romantic time with your love one.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Last Friday, I was able to watch Dark Knight my first movie after Sex and the City. It felt so wonderful to be out with my friends again and since I was sick for such a long time and wasn't able to join them with our TGIF night outs, after the movie we spent long hours at a coffee shop and chit-chat while savoring our favorite latte.

I miss my friends. Although we regularly see each other despite our busy schedule, I still miss them a lot. Things were different now, most of them are married and have kids to worry about, a lot of us are either too busy at work and spending time has always been complicated. I guess, I just miss those times were we can simply just hang out without worrying about time. But I'm already getting used to this set-up, I am just thankful that even though a lot of people had come and go in my life, I still kept a few that remain my greatest treasure.

Good night everyone!


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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Slowly things are getting back to normal. I have so many backlogs and I am so behind with my work. I even lost several jobs because I was sick for such a long time. I also apologize that I am not able to bloghop just yet, hopefully things will be much better very soon.

I feel so wonderful that Jean Chia of A Great Pleasure handed me over this award, it felt nice to be appreciated even if I am missing in action most of the time. Thanks Jean.

I am now sharing this award to:
Milet – my fellow lupie, thank you my dear for your concern, I miss you at chat...
Tere – for constantly visiting my blogs, even if I don’t return the favor too much
Bro.Mel – for always providing me a word of encouragement
Yen – for always including me with your memes
And finally to ECL, for your warm comments and thoughts.

I am thanking you all and wishing you more blogging days to come ^-^

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Have you seen the Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni? I used to wear prescription glasses and I don’t really want to wear any glasses because it makes me look old but I found stylish yet affordable glasses just for me, Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. It is so astounding that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So spread the word, wearing glasses can still be fashionable.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

It's so nice to be back here again. After several weeks of being sick I stayed at the hospital for a couple of days and was forced to stay at home to get better.

Yesterday was my first weekend away from home and it felt wonderful to be out again. I was invited to be a godmother to a friend's newly born daughter. It's so nice to be with my friends again.

a stolen shot with all my godchildren

That's one of the role of being one of the three remaining single in my friend's circle, I am either the bridesmaid or the ninang (godmother) to their kids. I don't mind, I love children. In fact after the reception I went to my grandmother's house and I was surrounded again by my nieces and nephews. There's a baby boom in my family and I just love being a part of our growing happy family...

It's just a wonderful weekend.
How about yours?

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I miss blogging too much and I miss all my blogger friends (I’ll visit you as soon as I’m much better) Thank you so much for all my well-wishers and for bearing with me during my depress mode, I am trying to be more joyful these days and to stay optimistic that my sick days will finally be over and I’ll be able to go back to my life. I am so glad to be back...


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More and more people are losing their homes because of the financial crisis that’s been engulfing everywhere. A lot of people can’t afford to pay their mortgages anymore which leads to foreclosure of their homes. It is a sad and harsh reality but there are foreclosure help that can somehow save you from losing your home, check them out now and who knows you might still be able to keep your dream house.

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I love to travel and I always try to travel light and I like my luggage to be handy, functional and stylish of course. I like Swiss Army luggage because you can put all your necessities and stuff without the hassle of being too bulky and heavy. It’s just everything I need for a nice and comfortable travel. Choose a luggage that will be convenient for you and you’ll be assured of a hassle-free travel.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Many times I wish I could let time stand still. But no matter what I do, it keeps on ticking and it’s running me over. I’ve always lived in a fast-paced world, I always want to be on top of everything I do I’m not really yearning to be the best or be perfect but I just want things to be done according to my plans. I thought I was on the right track until an illness called Lupus changed all that. I can no longer be who I am because I always have to consider Lupus, I have to live according to it so that I can live at all.

I’ve been at the hospital for days now... yes, I’ve been counting the days till the doctors can finally say I am well and I can go back home. It’s difficult to complain when you’re confined in an almost hotel-like room surrounded by everyone I love and have almost everything I need including Wi-Fi but the thing is everytime the doctor pops in, I am waiting for a good or a bad news from him. I hate going through all that medical tests, it’s just so painful but I really have no choice but to undergo it. The pain can be so unbearable sometimes and I just want to be well and go home.

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I love giving gifts. It’s my way of showing appreciation to the people I care most about. I like to give gifts that can be significant and somehow useful to the recipient. I like personalized gifts because it’s the ultimate way of showing how deeply I feel for that person. I know that giving gifts can be tough if you have no idea what to give just think of their like and dislikes and give something that can be of use and always give with your heart.

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Summer is a fun time for everyone but with global warming I think the World’s weather had gone beyond crazy the heat is just tremendous and it’s causing severe infections among children and adult alike. What you need is Air O Swiss humidifiers that can regulate the amount of humidity. It can relieve your dry nose and skin due to harsh weather and it can give comfort to bring down air temperature during summer season.

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I want a new cell phone and if have my way I would choose Nokia N82 Black because it’s features is just everything I need in a phone. Imagine its 5 mega pixel camera, who would need a separate digital camera. With its built in Wi-Fi, I can simply connect on line whenever I want. And with its GPS capability this is truly an amazing phone, and a sure must-have or any savvy professionals.

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Technology is really fascinating nowadays, who would have thought that asking for directions will be a thing in the past. I’m not very good with directions, I always manage to lose my way whenever I’m in a new place. Thank goodness GPS had come my way now, I will just use this tool to find my way around. Now, I don’t have to stop and ask for directions all I need is this superb tool.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Life is like an ocean.
You sit and watch the tides of life change, not really paying much attention,

while time slowly drowns you."

Many times I feel like time is running me over. I spend too much time chasing time that I tend to miss it most of the time. I love the ocean, I just feel a certain calmness when I look at the horizon.

During my recent trip in Boracay, I always wake up early in the morning before the crowd starts to pour in and just gaze into the ocean. Maybe I’ve always been a loner at heart but oftentimes, I just want to be alone with my thoughts. While watching the tide, I think about my life and wondering where my tides are going to take me, hoping it will not drown me or consume me before my time.


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I’ve been feeling down lately. I’ve been sick again and it’s making me sad. A friend of mine attempted to cheer me up by the best therapy she knows best, she treated me to an afternoon of pampering myself at the spa. I had a back massage, body wrap and foot spa. It was totally relaxing and what I love best about the spa is spending twenty minutes at their classy steam shower. I just love it there, it feels like I’ve lost ten pounds or more by all that sweat, it feels like all the toxic just drain along the shower. My friend was right, I did feel great although it didn’t really take away my sadness but it really made me feel relax and refreshed.

During weekends, I spent almost two to three hours in the bathroom I just feel so relaxed in there. I usually light up several scented candles, pour some oils and put on a good music and I’ll pamper myself with a joyous shower. I also try to free my mind from all the problems in my life, I know it will not solve anything but at least I have a worry-free two hours that I could just sit back and relax.

It’s really important to have a time for yourself. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be at peace with yourself and think about your life. That’s the wonder of having a stylish, elegant and beautiful bathroom showers and shower enclosures. I personally want to have this in my bathroom. Hopefully, I could redecorate and expand my bathroom to make space for the gorgeous shower accessories.

My friend and I will be spending another day at the spa some time next week again. I am so looking forward for another day of pampering and relaxation and hopefully I’ll feel much better in the coming days.

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I love to travel. If only I could travel all the time, I would but of course I still need to make a living so I can sustain all my travel plans. If you’re a budget traveler, it’s a big help if you can plan ahead your travel in that way you can find several airline promos, hotel deals and great promotions I assure you that you would find a great travel deal for you.

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