Saturday, November 29, 2008
My family loves Spanish food and my grandmother is a great Paella cook. I just love her Paella and it’s been her specialty ever since. We are anticipating her delicious cooking this holiday season and I think she will love the paella pan that my cousin gave her to enhance the dish. This is one dish that I want to learn and maybe I can ask my grandmother to teach me and share her legacy.

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I’m blessed to have a clear vision despite my prolong use of steroids, but there was a time that I needed to wear an eyeglass because my high dose of steroids caused me a blurred vision. I had a difficult time wearing those glasses that I wanted to contact lenses use because it is easier. I am so glad that after my doctor reduced my dosage in steroids my vision became clear again.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

This weekend I had a chance to revisit a place very close to my heart. The Intramuros Wall in Manila, I spent nearly five years of my college life in this wall and it has been a big part of my life.

The walls seem immortal and unchanged after all these years but somehow my friends and I have outgrown these walls and although several years had passed, I am glad that my friendship with these girls remain the same. I guess, some things really lasts forever...

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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Have you experience loving someone who doesn’t love you back?

I guess, at one point or another we all went through this painful emotion of unrequitted love. It’s simply heartbreaking to love someone so badly and yet that person just can’t love you back. You just can’t help but wonder why love can be so complicated at times...

Why love can’t be as simple as boy meets girl, girl meets boy, fell in love and lived happily ever after?

Okay, now, I’m dreaming.

I once read from somewhere that the greatest pain is to love in vain, and I have been in that road so many times. I don’t know what is it in me that I tend to fall in love with someone who just can’t love me back. It feels like your heart is hanging by a thread and it slowly kills you inside and the worst part of it all is that nobody knows about your suffering. I am so tired of waiting in vain, waiting for that person to love me back. Sometimes, I feel I want to tell my stubborn heart to stop beating for him, that I am only wasting my time and to simply just forget him but it seems my heart has a mind of its own and it just wouldn’t listen.

They say that unreciprocated love is not love at all but what drives us to desperately want that person, maybe it’s the thrill of desiring something we cannot have. We are all yearning to be with somebody who compliments our soul, someone who inspires us and someone who gives us that extra beat within our hearts but love is not love until it is mutually given.

Maybe I need to realize that somehow, somewhere there’s a love waiting for me that can be worthy of the love I am willing to give.

Perhaps, I’ll need to wait again... Hopefully, not in vain!

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I attended an early Christmas fellowship yesterday and I really had fun. It was exciting and there’s too much laughter during the games and other fun activities. It was wonderful to spend a day with those people again. I guess, time really heals all wounds and after all that has happened it was time to move on and close that chapter of my life. Everyone was so glad to see me, it was my first time to attend in a church gathering after what happened almost four years ago. Most people noticed how I lost weight and they’ve been asking if I took some fat burner pills like Leptovox and I just smiled. I lost weight because of the illness I had several weeks ago and losing that weight is one of the nice blessing I got from that sickness. It is simply wonderful to be able to feel welcome again.

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I’m not in the mood to blog and quite frankly, I’ve been very lazy too. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to put my thoughts into words. I found out today that the faucet in my bedroom bathroom is leaking again, I had it repaired the other month but apparently it wasn’t fixed. I guess, it’s time to replace it to Danze faucets with its remarkable new designs and high quality, I’ll be quite sure to have it for a long period of time.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Robert Pattinson Dead: Miley Cyrus Like Hoax Hits "Twilight" Star

By Susan Hatch
Nov 20, 2008

Is Robert Pattinson dead? The star of "Twilight" is rumored to be dating Camilla Belle and also there is speculation that he is dating Kristen Stewart anf now there is an Internet hoax claiming he id dead. He might be dead sexy but thankfully he is still alive. Welcome to the world of stardom, Robert Pattinson now you join the likes of Miley Cyrus as being dead online. Earlier this week it was again rumored that Miley was dead.
Robert Pattinson Dead: Miley Cyrus Like Hoax Hits
Robert Pattinson Dead: Miley Cyrus Like Hoax Hits "Twilight" Star

She wasn't all that happy about it and said she was ticked off that yet another rumor about her was online. At least it wasn't all of her earlier racy photos of the young woman posing in the shower in a wet t-shirt or in her underwear.


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Need more of Robert, he will be on Ellen DeGeneres on Friday talking about everything, including his hair. "My friends from London who were here the other day were just thinking, 'Why is everyone going on about your hair?'" says the star, who has said he's gone six weeks without washing it. "It’s completely insane!"

About all of the love life rumors, he says he is single. "I am, but no one else seems to get into a relationship with me," he says. "It's really strange."


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Monday, November 17, 2008

I had a nice weekend. We all went to church in the morning and had lunch at the newly opened restaurant near our house. My mom and I also went to the garden shop and bought some new plants.

These beautiful flower-bearing plants are just so stunning. They are look so inviting too and it brings a certain joy in my heart just by looking at them.

These are Poinsettias, it only turns red during the Christmas season and we bought a lot of these to add to our Christmas display in our garden.

I had a quiet and simple weekend, wonderfully spent with the people I love.

How about yours?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008
It’s really difficult to be ill, it does not only bring pain physically but it is also affecting us emotionally. It brings a lot of disturbing nights and you just can’t help but worry. It also hurts us financially especially if you are not covered with medical benefits and it’s really expensive. That’s why it is important to acquire health insurances like North Carolina health insurance that will surely be a big assistance to you if ever you are faced with an illness. Health is wealth and it is a gift from God that we must treasure.

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I went to church this morning and I had a hard time deciding what clothes to wear because all my clothes are all too big for me, they just don’t look good at all. Most of my life I’ve struggled with weight problem and I tried a lot of things to lose weight, I even took something similar to alli and it worked alright but I am more glad to lose weight naturally... I really got to clean out my closet and probably find clothes to donate and shop for new clothes.

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If I could just take time
And hold it in my hand
The present, past, and future, would be at my command
I'd replay the time I had with you, every single day
Each and every night, by your side again, I'd lay
No present and no future, I'd live only in the past
Until my death, no moment would ever be our last
But I can't hold back the time
Or mold it to my will
That's why I grieve for you
And I miss you still
If I only know you're happy
Then maybe I can stand the pain
As long as your dreams come true
I may somehow make it through the rain

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I love shopping but buying clothes was never my favorite thing to buy because I am usually uncomfortable asking for my size in the store and I hate those sales person who seems to look down at you because you’re fat. I guess, losing more than 30lbs in just a month without taking any dietpills is one of the blessings I got from being sick. Now, I just love shopping for clothes and I am more at ease that those clothes can actually fit me and I won’t be embarrassed anymore.

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Have you tried wearing adult diapers?

Embarrassing as it may sound but I already experienced wearing one during the time I was confined at the Intensive Care Unit. It was such a difficult experience at that time and I am glad that I was able to surpass that. Now, that I am facing another difficulty with my health I am more hopeful and positive that everything will be just fine because God will never give me something I won’t be able to handle.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Love is the last thing on my mind right now...

I just think it’s the least of my concern at this point and I don’t want to add stress to my already complicated life. But love has a funny way of sneaking up on you and sometimes you are just caught unaware. I thought my defenses were doing well but I was caught off-guard, I think I am falling in love again.

I thought I’ve let him go.

I thought the time we spent apart was all the time I needed to forget him and move on.

But love can be stubborn sometimes and no matter how much you try to forget someone, you just can’t. I’m not really sure where this is going, like I said it’s the last thing I need right now, I just know it’s not yet the time for love.

But can you really do something about it?

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It’s 41 days before Christmas and I am usually done with my Christmas shopping at this point but due to my medical condition I am not able to go shopping just yet. Well, I don’t want to rush, the malls gets extra crowded during this season and I’m a meticulous shopper that’s why I spend a lot of time in the stores. I love everything about shopping and it’s one of way of relieving my stress but you know what I dislike about shopping? It’s the long line at the cashier that sometimes takes forever, it’s a good thing they have this barcode scanners now that makes the waiting period a little less.

I wish I could go shopping this weekend but I just remembered it’s a payday weekend and everyone will be rushing to the mall especially that most people probably received their Christmas bonuses already and I can’t be in a crowded place and I just can’t imagine the traffic the streets could be. I’ll probably just go shopping on a regular day so I can have the mall for myself at least...

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I love watching movies and it’s been a while since I last watch a movie in a movie house. I really miss it and I’m looking forward to watch movies with my friends real soon but for now I guess I have to settle watching my favorite movies in our little home theater which reminds me, I need to ask my mom to check out this home theater furniture, I really think it will add glamor to our viewing room.

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my first take for:

1. Please feel free to leave me a comment.
2. When I take a shower I can't help sniffing myself occasionally.
3. My favorite thing to cook is adobo and pasta.
4. Online shopping is something I can't get enough of.
5. That's the thing I love most about my family, they're always beside me no matter what.
6. Love always makes me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to update my blogs, tomorrow my plans include shopping with my friends and Sunday, I want to go to church and spend time with my family and church mates!

More fill ins here!

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Have you seen Zenni on Fox? The Great Eyeglasses For Less are making headlines for its most affordable eyeglasses. There is variety of Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni and you can be assured of its quality and durability. It is stylish yet very easy on the pocket, that why Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Hurry up, check them out and find out how amazing they are.

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I’ll have my check up again tomorrow. It’s pathetic that the only place I am able to go to is the hospital and I am trying so hard to be patient about it but sometimes it’s just annoying. Originally, my check up is scheduled on Saturday but my mom won’t be able to accompany me so I called up my doctor’s medical assistant to re-schedule my appointment. It’s a good thing I have a good relationship with her and I was able to make another appointment.

I find it amazing that my doctor’s secretary has been with my doctor for almost fifteen years now and even though she didn’t have any formal training in a medical assistant school such as in St. Augsutine School of Medical Assistants she’s still was able to do her job efficiently. It’s not easy being a medical assistant because you need to be competent because you’re dealing with people’s health.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

I’m still under recovery and things are getting much better but I still need to rest and stay at home. I’m still not allowed to go out alone and I still find it difficult to do things on my own because my body still aches a lot. I also feel weak and although I hate this I have no choice but to patiently wait till I’m better which I hope will be soon.

This was taken two weekends ago when my favorite nephew celebrated his first birthday.

I’m still very sick at that time and I need to wear a face mask to avoid any virus but I managed to be a part of the celebration and my relatives were shocked to see how much weight I’ve lost and my cousins say that I don’t look sick at all.

It was a fun birthday
and take a look at my gift to him... this beautiful cake.

I wish to have more weekends like this...
Have a nice week ahead!

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Are you a techie person? I’m not but for someone who is always online I tend to read a lot about how the information technology goes and I find it really interesting and fascinating. I dream to pursue a more in depth career on IT very soon as soon as my health gets better. A friend is currently repairing our desktop PC at home and he said that I could save more if I choose to get used computer hardware even used cisco. It’s really cheap and affordable.

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A shameless promotion for a friend, if you are as addicted to Havaianas like me and you don't mind if it's authentic or not, you might be interested to check out her store...

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