Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm celebrating my 30th birthday today. My weekend was a lot of fun and today, I spent my special day with the people I love. I'm exhausted and I still need to get up early tomorrow for an extended birthday celebration with my college friends. More stories when I get back, just wanna share some photos of this special day..

A surprise birthday cake from someone very dear to me

Foggy Taal Lake in a long and winding road

Fabulous Flower District

Happy and Blessed

Surrounded by the women I deeply love..
my mama, nanay ineng (my aunt), lola (grandma) and nana (also my aunt)

I had a simple yet fun-filled birthday and I thank God for everything!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

In just a few hours I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. I'm a bit torn of what I really feel today, I'm not sad (I think) and I'm not really jumping for joy. Contrary to what others may think, I'm not lonely just because I'm turning thirty, still single and very much sick. I am actually thankful that God gave me another year and even though there were a lot of struggles I managed to stay alive and well. I feel blessed because God has been giving me so many reasons to praise Him even though I am not at all worthy of such blessings.

I broke my heart this year...

I was torn between staying in a loveless relationship for ten years or to risk it all with someone who is all wrong for me. They say that the worst sickness there is in the world is having your heart broken. There were countless of sleepless nights and tears run dry already. In the end, I chose to be on my own. It was difficult, one of the most painful decision that I have to make in my life but I just don't want anymore heart complications. My friends says that I chose the easy way out as I always do and it was wrong for me to simply just let go but I know that I did the right thing. I would rather be alone than to be with someone that I no longer love or be with the one I love knowing that I'm hurting somebody else. I'd rather be the one hurting for I know that I am strong enough to handle the pain.

I'm still in the process of letting go and this blog helped get through with the process. Google gave me a birthday gift that I've been wishing for, in just four months this blog of mine has a page rank of 4
Page Ranking Icon
. I am so excited and happy. I'm celebrating my birthday tomorrow with the people I love in one of my favorite getaway, I'll share some pictures when I get back. God bless you all and thank you all so much for the warm greetings!


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A few years ago I made a list of what I want to achieve or do before I turn thirty and since I'm already turning thirty on Sunday, I just wanna make a checklist...

13 Things To Do Before I Turn Thirty

1. Learn to swim.

2. Travel to these places in the Philippines:

3. Perform in a concert stage.

4. Write my own book. (I'm almost there... )

5. Learn to ride a bike.

6. Have my own website.

7. Fall in love again and get married.

8. Have kids.

9. Get one of my writings published.

10. Share to others the joy of having Jesus in my life and make them accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

11. Be financially independent.

12. Travel to Europe.

13. Be content and happy with my life.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It has been a very long day. I had my check-up today and although my laboratory results were not that good I am not that worried, I know things are tough right now but I completely trust God that He will make everything perfect in His own timing, I just need to be more patient. After my check-up we visited my cousin in the nearby condo, she just gave birth to my new nephew and I was suddenly reminded that I may never have a chance to be a mother because of my health condition. I don't wanna be sad about it but I really am.

I'm starting to receive gifts and greetings from my friends and everyone was telling me "30 ka na, mag-asawa ka na noh" (you're thirty, get married now) the pressure is much greater now and I don't wanna think about it, it will just be a cause of a more emotional turmoil... Of course, I wanna get married someday maybe I'm a bit cynical about love at this point but the hopeless romantic in me is still hoping and waiting. I don't really know if I'm in love right now and I don't exactly know to whom but all I know is that there's someone who is constantly in my mind and at the end of the day I just want to be with him, I am just a fool and coward for letting him go.
A few days before my 30th birthday and I'm starting to feel the blues... care to cheer me up?


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Monday, October 22, 2007
I was tagged by Emzkie, instead of posting a picture I decided to just create a slide of some pictures of me when I was still very young..


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

I had a splendid weekend. I really treasure weekends that are spent with families...

We raided the mall and enjoy the pre-Christmas sale (too many people)

Christmas is truly here now, even in my favorite bookshop...

What happens after a tiring shopping spree, of course everyone was starving so we headed to a restaurant and patiently wait for snacks to be served...

Want to have this? It's yummy!
How's your weekend? Have a nice week ahead!

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Thank you Yen for this nice award.

I'm sharing this one to my two other blogs...
Dancing With Butterflies and Pieces of Me


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm starting to hate Friendster! I'm starting to receive birthday greetings now from my friends and yes, I'm delighted and despite my glamorous birthday gifts list at my Thursday Thirteen entry yesterday all I need are prayers, well-wishers and people who would remember my special day. Sis kurdapya is right a bunch of flowers and chocolates from the one I love will top my list and Bro.Mel your prayers are more than enough for me. Those are just my wishlist, the ones I'm working for to buy for myself but of course, it would even be great to receive any of those things as a gift.

Okay, back on the reason why I'm starting to hate Friendster... I'm not in the habit of viewing my friends profile, I just don't have the time anymore. But as a courtesy, I thanked those who greeted me and I had a chance to update myself on what's going on with their lives through their profiles and suddenly I realized that everything and everyone has changed. They're moving on and I feel so left out. I was reminded that my life is on hold because of lupus and the uncertainty is suddenly making me sad!

Last night I was watching the first episode of my favorite Grey's Anatomy and these words really hit me...
"Change; we don’t like it, we fear it, but we can't stop it from coming.
We either adapt to change or we get left behind.
And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying.
But here's the truth: the more things change, the more they stay the same.
And sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good.
Oh, sometimes change is everything."
-- Meredith Grey

It's sometimes odd how God answers your prayers and a quote from a TV show really spoke to what I've been asking God...


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just a few days before my 30th birthday and I'm starting to have birthday blues already. I don't know if my anxiety is caused by Lupus or with something else. No matter what it is I just hope it'll go away soon and I'll be feeling great before my birthday.

13 Gifts I Want To Receive On My Birthday

1. A new laptop
2. SLR Digital Camera
3. a new cellphone
4. photo printer
5. a compact digicam
6. camcorder
7. Prada bag
8. Jimmy Choo shoes
9. Havaianas
10. Dolce & Gabana perfume
11. flowers
12. chocolates
13. spa gift certificates

Note: Images taken from My Wish List

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Tired of the traditional dating game? I think I am. I need something new, something that I could enjoy that does not require a lot of effort on my part. Online dating is popular these days and I'm a bit scared to try it out but there's a new community that I recently found out, Friendsation. This site gives you a chance to meet interesting people and interact with them through chat. Signing up is so easy and it's free, you decide whether you want to just meet someone you can be friends with or you can even start to have a relationship with someone. This site offers free blogging too and they also have a live chat through a lot of ways. I guess, it's time to try something new and give this one a chance. Who knows, right?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's a bit early for Halloween, I think I need a birthday treat first.. anyone??
But it's always a delight to receive anything just like this Halloween treat from Macy.. thank you for this one.

Now, I'm sharing this treat to Lori, Grace, Yen, Ester and Arlene
Enjoy the treat friends!

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I guess its pretty obvious that I love blogging, it has been my way of life right now and I got three blogs to prove that. It's really addicting and since I express my feelings more into writing I have learned a lot about myself since I started to blog four years ago. When I started to notice that a lot of my blogger friends are using their blog for money, I didn't really want to join the circle because I thought who would actually pay me to blog but after a while I was encouraged to give it a try and when my first money from blogging arrived, I just can't explain the feeling.

There's a lot out of sites out there that gives an opportunity for bloggers like us to get paid to blog and let me introduce Smorty to you. What's nice about Smorty is that you can add all your blogs simultaneously, there's absolutely no limit to how many blogs you would like to add and its so easy to use. You have the final say to which task you'll be willing to take and once you accepted the task, you are given three days to complete it... how sweet is that! The entries you submit are being reviewed quickly and it's so easy to be approved. You are also paid every week through Paypal, that's really nice! So what are you waiting for try Smorty now and be one of us.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm feeling a bit low this weekend. I attended my aunt's wake last Saturday but I was not allowed to attend her funeral earlier this afternoon because too much sunlight exposure can trigger a Lupus Flare for me. So for my weekend snapshot this week I decided to post one of my favorite snapshot that I have already posted at Wordless Wednesday. Taken last summer at our beach house in Batangas. It was a weekend with my family and I remembered having trouble sleeping (as I usually does) and I got up early in the morning and decided to take a walk along the beach and I was left with an awe with a breathtaking view of the sunrise... I have always loved pink and I never thought I could actually see a pink sunrise...

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last night, I was at the wake of my aunt who recently died of cancer. Everyone in my family even the ones living far from us came to condole with my aunt’s sister and brothers. It is sometimes an irony how a death in the family can bring the family together. I saw my cousins whom I have not seen in such a long time. We enjoyed each others company playing cards, eating and of course, the never-ending chit-chats. The wake was held at our ancestral home in the province where we all grew up and we reminisce of all those times we spend playing around the backyard and missing our other cousins who are now residing or working overseas. And since I brought along my laptop, I texted my cousin in the US if she’s available to chat with us and she said we can have a video conferencing instead so we could see each others faces while were chatting.

Its amazing how technology works these days and thank heavens for the internet within minutes we are already having a video conferencing with my cousin and the rest of her family in the US, the older generations in my family (we call them oldies) were so astonished with video conferencing that somehow they just wonder how it could work… Well, after a very long explanation that I hope they understood we end up having fun.

Yes, it’s an irony how death can bring a family together and it's nice that we can all take a break from our busy lives to be with each other. It’s like having a reunion and its not even New Year yet. I guess, we all have to stick together to mourn to make the grieving process a bit easier. My family suffered three deaths from cancer this year alone and personally, I feel sad because I became closer to them when I also had to go through chemo therapy. It was nice to have someone understand what you’re going through. I really pray that they will find the cure for cancer soon so that I wont be losing any of my loved-ones anymore because of that culprit.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I remembered one night just a few days after you left me with a broken heart, I wrote this in the pages of my diary..

"One day I will be able to look you in the eye without feeling any pain from the heartache you caused me. One day I will be able to stand next to you without wanting to hold your hand and kiss your lips. One day I'll get over you. And one day you will only be just a memory..."

I never thought that day would eventually come true. I never really believed that I can totally get over you. I always thought that there's a space in my heart that can only be filled by you. Although I knew we are just not meant to be no matter how much we want it, it just can't be. I just love you so much, it hurts like crazy that you can never be mine, no matter how hard I try. There was even a time that I can't even breathe without thinking of you first. You are the love of my life.. I never really loved anyone else the way that I loved you.

I have dream of that "One Day" but I never really wished for it. And last night has been that "One Day" that I stood next to you without feeling anything special, I looked into your eyes and it felt nothing, I was waiting for my heart to beat fast the way it used to when I'm near you but na-da.

I should be rejoicing, after all it took me years to finally get over you then why am I feeling a bit sad?

Maybe a part of me doesn't want to let you go, not because I'm still holding on nor am I still hoping there could still be a chance for us. I simply wanted to keep you in my heart until the day comes that I can love again like I did before, maybe even more. But last night, after confirming that you are no longer the love of my life I feel so empty, that I ran out of excuse for not having someone in my life. Its sad and... I don't know, maybe I'm just tired and this feeling will go away in time.

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Friday, October 12, 2007
I don't really got anything to blog about today but I've been taking these quizzes..
Well, some of the results I do agree upon and some not so much!

You Follow Your Head

You're rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to
fall in love.

In fact, you've even been accused of
being very picky.

While you're cool, you're not ice cold.
You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.
Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?

You Are Pretty Happy Being Single

You have a full, fun life. And you definitely don't need love to be content.
Of course, being single can get you down a little. Especially when you've been single for a while.
But you know how to be patient and
wait for the right person.
You're life is too good to settle for anything!

Are You Happy Being Single?

You Would Choose Money

You know that love doesn't always last forever - but money can.
Why bother with jealousy, petty fights,
and hurt feelings?

You rather just go shopping!
And while marrying for money may be lonely, you'll always be well dressed, well traveled,
and well fed.

Would You Choose Love or Money?

You are Barefoot!

You're a total free spirit, go with the flow girl.
You can't be restricted by shoes for very long,
And unsurprisingly, the same goes for men
Your match is out there - and he's as carefree as you are..

What Kind Of Women's Shoe Are You?


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

13 Classic Pick-Up Lines

1. Did you know they changed the alphabet? They put U and I together.

2. Can I borrow that quarter, 'cause my mom told me to call home when I fell in love.

3. Are your legs tired? 'cause you been running through my mind ALL day long.

4. Are you lost? 'cause it's so strange to see an angel so far from heaven.

5. Is your father a thief? 'cause he stole the sparkle from the stars, and put it in your eyes.

6. Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by you again?

7. Can I see that label? I just wanted to know if you were made in heaven.

8. You look great and all, but do you know what'd really look good on you? Me.

9. Could I get some directions? To your heart.

10. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

11. If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

12. What's that in your eye?'s a sparkle.

13. I wish I was one of your tears, so I could be born in your eye, run down your cheek, and die on your lips.

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Monday, October 08, 2007
Weekend Snapshot

As the saying goes there's always a rainbow after the rain.. just like the trials that come our way, God assures us that He is sending a rainbow to give us hope that everything will be just fine.

Taken almost a year ago, when I spent my birthday weekend at my favorite paradise Boracay. It was my first birthday away from home and the first time I was allowed by my doctor to travel after my second cycle of chemo therapy. I love that weekend so much, I did not just enjoyed it but I was able to reflect and mesmerize at the beauty of God's amazing creations.

Have a great week ahead!

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