Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I guess its pretty obvious that I love blogging, it has been my way of life right now and I got three blogs to prove that. It's really addicting and since I express my feelings more into writing I have learned a lot about myself since I started to blog four years ago. When I started to notice that a lot of my blogger friends are using their blog for money, I didn't really want to join the circle because I thought who would actually pay me to blog but after a while I was encouraged to give it a try and when my first money from blogging arrived, I just can't explain the feeling.

There's a lot out of sites out there that gives an opportunity for bloggers like us to get paid to blog and let me introduce Smorty to you. What's nice about Smorty is that you can add all your blogs simultaneously, there's absolutely no limit to how many blogs you would like to add and its so easy to use. You have the final say to which task you'll be willing to take and once you accepted the task, you are given three days to complete it... how sweet is that! The entries you submit are being reviewed quickly and it's so easy to be approved. You are also paid every week through Paypal, that's really nice! So what are you waiting for try Smorty now and be one of us.

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