Thursday, November 20, 2008

Robert Pattinson Dead: Miley Cyrus Like Hoax Hits "Twilight" Star

By Susan Hatch
Nov 20, 2008

Is Robert Pattinson dead? The star of "Twilight" is rumored to be dating Camilla Belle and also there is speculation that he is dating Kristen Stewart anf now there is an Internet hoax claiming he id dead. He might be dead sexy but thankfully he is still alive. Welcome to the world of stardom, Robert Pattinson now you join the likes of Miley Cyrus as being dead online. Earlier this week it was again rumored that Miley was dead.
Robert Pattinson Dead: Miley Cyrus Like Hoax Hits
Robert Pattinson Dead: Miley Cyrus Like Hoax Hits "Twilight" Star

She wasn't all that happy about it and said she was ticked off that yet another rumor about her was online. At least it wasn't all of her earlier racy photos of the young woman posing in the shower in a wet t-shirt or in her underwear.


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Need more of Robert, he will be on Ellen DeGeneres on Friday talking about everything, including his hair. "My friends from London who were here the other day were just thinking, 'Why is everyone going on about your hair?'" says the star, who has said he's gone six weeks without washing it. "It’s completely insane!"

About all of the love life rumors, he says he is single. "I am, but no one else seems to get into a relationship with me," he says. "It's really strange."


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