Friday, November 14, 2008
It’s 41 days before Christmas and I am usually done with my Christmas shopping at this point but due to my medical condition I am not able to go shopping just yet. Well, I don’t want to rush, the malls gets extra crowded during this season and I’m a meticulous shopper that’s why I spend a lot of time in the stores. I love everything about shopping and it’s one of way of relieving my stress but you know what I dislike about shopping? It’s the long line at the cashier that sometimes takes forever, it’s a good thing they have this barcode scanners now that makes the waiting period a little less.

I wish I could go shopping this weekend but I just remembered it’s a payday weekend and everyone will be rushing to the mall especially that most people probably received their Christmas bonuses already and I can’t be in a crowded place and I just can’t imagine the traffic the streets could be. I’ll probably just go shopping on a regular day so I can have the mall for myself at least...

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