Tuesday, July 01, 2008
I’ve been feeling down lately. I’ve been sick again and it’s making me sad. A friend of mine attempted to cheer me up by the best therapy she knows best, she treated me to an afternoon of pampering myself at the spa. I had a back massage, body wrap and foot spa. It was totally relaxing and what I love best about the spa is spending twenty minutes at their classy steam shower. I just love it there, it feels like I’ve lost ten pounds or more by all that sweat, it feels like all the toxic just drain along the shower. My friend was right, I did feel great although it didn’t really take away my sadness but it really made me feel relax and refreshed.

During weekends, I spent almost two to three hours in the bathroom I just feel so relaxed in there. I usually light up several scented candles, pour some oils and put on a good music and I’ll pamper myself with a joyous shower. I also try to free my mind from all the problems in my life, I know it will not solve anything but at least I have a worry-free two hours that I could just sit back and relax.

It’s really important to have a time for yourself. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be at peace with yourself and think about your life. That’s the wonder of having a stylish, elegant and beautiful bathroom showers and shower enclosures. I personally want to have this in my bathroom. Hopefully, I could redecorate and expand my bathroom to make space for the gorgeous shower accessories.

My friend and I will be spending another day at the spa some time next week again. I am so looking forward for another day of pampering and relaxation and hopefully I’ll feel much better in the coming days.

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At 7:43 PM, Blogger Joseph said........
that looks awesome!

another option would be a standalone or built in steam shower!

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