Tuesday, July 29, 2008
I am a frustrated writer, I always dreamed about being an investigative journalist but I was forced to take a different degree in college. I took up engineering and at first I really had a hard time studying because it involves a lot of mathematics and its technical, I was struggling to pass my subjects but with perseverance and dedication I managed to do well and earn my degree as an engineer. The engineering field I chose involves a lot of field work and exposure at the sun, I don’t mind really but when I was diagnosed to have lupus working became difficult for me. When I’m sick, I spend most of my time at home, my computer served as my only friend. Being alone at home most of the time can really be depressing and for someone who used to be a goal and career driven it was devastating that having a chronic illness holds me back. This is when I decided I need a change of career to adjust to my health condition and since I’m online most of the time I decided to take a chance in shifting my career to IT. I studied once again and in just a few months I was able to have a new career in the IT field and now, I can easily find work that won’t require long exposure in the sun and besides I do love what I’m doing right now. I can even work at the comfort of my own home and I plan to get Cisco certification so that I can be more competitive and be able to find a better job and have more chances to work anywhere in the world if I want to. Having a career in the IT field has such a huge possibility, and it’s only good!

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