Saturday, November 24, 2007

If you are my regular reader and you have been following my blogs, you will probably notice that I am not blogging much this week, in fact I have missed all my weekly memes in all of my blogs. Don’t worry I am not sick but I am currently experiencing a very foul mood and I really have nothing good to write about. I guess, I am still affected with what happened last Saturday when I had an encounter with the one I love. I don’t know but I am really praying for better days to come my way.

I am sorry for not hopping in your blogs and for not doing some tags, I’ll just come by soon… in the meantime, enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Deb said........

I have HAD it with the weekend! I want my weekdays back, where everyone is at school, hunny is at work, and I can get things done! Why cant anyone help around here UGH!!!!!!!!!

Hope you had a good holiday!