Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I used to be an impulsive buyer but after a while I have learned to be an intelligent shopper. I am a shopaholic, it’s an addiction that I always find relaxing and enjoyable. I have set a goal, that if ever I earn through blogging I would buy myself a new laptop as a Christmas gift for myself. For weeks now, I was browsing to buy a new laptop and after thorough searching and haggling I found what I like, what I need and what I can afford and in just a matter of one week my new laptop will be delivered to me. I have reached my first goal and I am so happy.

Deciding to buy a laptop is tough, you must search for the ones that you really need and the specs do matter. You need to be wise too, spend only what you can afford and a cheap laptop does not mean you’ll suffer from the specs. Find something that offers a good price, discounts and a store that you can really save a lot. Just be a wise spender.

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