Friday, November 30, 2007

Let Me Be
by: Emmyrose

Each night I would go out and gaze in the sky
Wondering if you ever think of me the same way
Underneath the moonlight, I breathed a prayer
Wishing that your heart yearned to love me too

I love you, can’t you see?
I tried to deny it, to suppress it
I tried to ignore it
For I know this is all wrong, but I just couldn’t

This is love sneaks up on me
Hurting me… capturing my whole being
A certain emotion I can no longer hide
I have to let it out, I have to make my love known

Let me be a part of the life you wanted to live
Let me be the gift you wanted to give
Let me be the music you long to hear
Let me be the sound that brings you tears

Let me be the air you need to breathe
Let me be the light when you are underneath
Let me be the goal you have to finish
Let me be the hope inside your little wish

Let me be the teardrop each time you would cry
Let me be the truth suspended in a lie
Give me a chance to be with you
Don’t turn away from me, for I am not going anywhere

I’ll be here if ever you need me
I am here to love you
To be the one you’ve always wanted
All you have to do is open your heart

Let me be the rain that washed your aches away
Let me be the sun to shine in a brand new day
And let me be the love that you’ve always dreamed of
For you are the love kept inside my heart….

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At 9:29 PM, Blogger Iron Pugilist said........
Nice. Did you write this poem just for the heck of it, or is it meant for someone in your life?