Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My first car was a Honda Civic, I had it in college as a gift from my grandparents on my 18th birthday. My parents were against it, they just don’t like the idea of me driving and they just don’t think I’m responsible enough to be on the road on my own. But since they didn’t allow me live in a dorm and it was a long travel from our house to my school I told them that I’ll be safer in driving my own car than riding in a public transportation and so after a lot of persuasion they gave in.

It was a 2nd second hand but I loved it so much, I even got a name for her. I had a lot of emotional attachment at that car, I remembered driving to Tagaytay on my own when I had my first broken heart and this is where I cried my heart out. I was devastated when it was time to let him go, it was getting old and my cousins said that it will be practical for us to buy a new car. I didn’t want to but I knew they were right. So we look for new models of Honda Cars and check out Honda Cars Prices and after choosing what I want, I got a Honda Car Quotes so that I can determine if I can afford the car already. I still miss my old car, but I’m quite happy with Vince, my new Honda Car.

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