Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I always consider it a blessing that I already finished college before I got sick, I just don’t know if I can be able to finish school when most of the time I was at the hospital and I was at a wheel chair for almost six months. It was during this time that I got hooked with the internet, since I have nowhere else to go and I don’t want to see my friends then, my PC became my only friend. At first, I was active with an online forum where I posted most of my love articles, poems, etc… but I eventually grew tired of it and chatting seems senseless to me already. It felt like I am wasting my time and I needed something worthwhile to do with my internet connection. And then a friend introduced me into an online university where I can enroll and finish my Masters Degree completely online. I did try it out and it was fun, after two years I finished my graduate studies and earned my Masteral Degree, it was an accomplishment on my part. I am thankful that education evolved in our time, you can now just sit back and earn a degree through the internet with all the online universities out there like the capella university where you can earn a degree completely online. Want to do something worthwhile with your time? Why not study online and use that education meaningfully.

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