Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's a rainy day once again but don't worry I am not gloomy at all. I am actually looking forward for a date tonight... yeah, you read it right, I am back in the dating game. My best friend after being so persuasive as she is fixed me up with her hubby's high school friend and tonight, I'll be meeting him for a date. I am a bit nervous, I've never done this in quite awhile and I have no idea on what's gonna happen. But what the heck, I worry too much...

I think something's going on here in Makati, they say there's another military stand off and soldiers and some civilians are marching along Ayala calling for GMA to step down (gudluck na lang sa inyo, kapit tuko 'yan kaya malamang hindi baba yan'). Well, I'm not sure really of what's going on but just to be safe I'll be having lunch here in the office and won't leave until my date arrives early tonight.

Have a wonderful rainy day and it's gonna be another long weekend for us here in the Philippines ^-^


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