Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Did you feel the earthquake about lunch time today?

I was having lunch with my officemates at a mall when we felt the earth moved. We were kinda scared because we're on the top floor and we are in Glorietta, so we first thought there's another explosion that made the mall shake. We later realize it was an earthquake, still scary and we hurriedly finish our meal and head back to the office. I think we're still having paranoia at Glorietta, it's our favorite hang out ever since college and with the wood surrounding the ground zero, anyone who was there that day would remember how scary that explosion was. Anyway, it is once again a rainy day and I still feel gloomy. This sadness is getting a little old and even I are getting tired of it so I'm sorry if I'm not blog hopping or posting much, I don't think it safe for me to be around other people I might just explode.


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