Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today at lunch with my college friends they have been talking about a free dating site that they recently joined. They have been raving about it and encouraging me to sign up as well so that I may be able to find someone to flirt to. Yeah right, as if I would do that! Am I really ready for dating again? Not to mention its online dating, I find it tempting yet very risky as well. But they say I had nothing to lose. At, you can just search and meet someone you have common interest with, or you can simply create your personal profile to let others find you. You can browse along the gallery and browse photos or upload one of your own. You can send messages to people and probably flirt a little via instant messaging or their free chat rooms, you can even create your very one chat room and invite people to join in. Who knows you might just find your match! It is widely available worldwide and it’s totally FREE, absolutely no hidden strings attached.

The dilemma of being single, it’s annoying sometimes. It’s not really in my personality to engage myself with this kind of dating scene and even though it’s popular doesn’t mean I have to be one of them. But to my friends who just want to give it a shot, I don’t really find any reasons not to. As they say, love can sometimes be found in all the weird places and that includes the whole wide web.

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