Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm exhausted but before I call it a night and head to bed, I just can't help but rant about finding out that somebody is reposting my entries and that certain blog is using an RSS feed to fetch my entries and reposting them in their blog. I HATE THAT! I always try to keep my blog entries personal and even if I have three active blogs I rarely duplicate my own post. I always try to give my readers something new to read about and then I'll find out that somebody else is posting my entries as if it was their own, imagine even my own feelings are being posted on that blog! Annoying! Thanks to Technorati and I'm not really sure on what actions I'm going to make but I will definitely do something about this.


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At 11:22 PM, Blogger awannabe said........
It happened to me too. I left a comment on their site (my post) asking them while they were stealing my content, and then suddenly, my post disappeared. It was a "Spam blog" mostly used for advertising purposes.