Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It has been a tradition in my family to donate to some charities during the holiday season. And every year, we have hold a Christmas party at an orphanage. It always gives me joy to see those children’s faces when they open their presents and food. It’s also fun to watch them play in games that we prepare. It warms my heart that even in our own small gesture we can show love to these abandoned children. Have you heard about Car Angel? They are responsible in making videos for kids and teens and what’s amazing with this non-profit company is that they solicit funds through car donations as well as other donations to make these videos that are helpful for those kids. Want to take a peek at their video? Well, here it is:

I’m not sure I can be that generous enough to donate my car. Can you?

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At 5:55 PM, Blogger ROCÍO GONZÁLEZ said........
Hi! Nice blog!! I really like it a lot.
I'm spanish (i'm studying journalism), and although my english isn't very good... i think of you write very well =)