Monday, December 10, 2007

I can't believe that a whole week has passed since I last posted here in this blog, I'm sorry for my constant visitors and readers I just need a moment away and I'm not really in the mood to write anything about love. Well, as much as I want to take a vacation, I can't especially since the holiday season are almost here. But I really think I need a vacation, I'm so stressed out and I've been feeling a bit depressed lately. I'm thinking of Caribbean vacations or maybe I can book on a Bahamas vacation rentals or a Cayman Islands vacation rentals.

That will surely liberate me from all the angst and the misery that I'm experiencing right now. A relaxing holiday that will take my mind off about a certain person that I can't stop thinking about. Well, maybe it's just wishful thinking but who knows, someday I might just take that vacation. But for now, what I need is a long nice break.

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