Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Do you know someone suffering from drug addiction? Then you must probably know how difficult it is to watch someone close to your heart waste their lives away because of those drugs. I do believe that addiction is a disease that you have to cure but it has to be something that would start from within because no matter what drug treatment you have if you’re not willing to give it all up then it wouldn’t really work. Drug addiction can surely destroy one’s life and all the people that surround him. You’re not only ruining your own life but the lives of your loved-ones who cares a lot so much and it hurts to see that person lose his life away because of drugs. I have been a personal witness to devastating effect of drugs into someone’s life and it’s not at all pretty and the worse thing about it is that there’s nothing much you can do about it because the person dependent on those substance should be the one who wants to change. It was a good thing that a family member that was hooked on drugs came to that realization and he decided to turn his life around and entered himself in a drug rehabilitation program and with sheer dedication he managed to get treatment and after two years in drug rehab, he is now a changed man with a wonderful life and a loving family who never lost faith in him. Addiction is something that affects all of us and it can really destroy one’s life if you let it and don’t do anything about it. But the good news is that, there’s a cure for drug addiction and there’s a lot of drug facilities out there that actually works and a loving support group will always be a big help in overcoming this disease and surpassing all the trials ahead, but mostly, help should come from within with God’s guidance and your willingness to be cured is a big step towards fighting the addiction.

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