Friday, January 18, 2008

I was watching CNN the other day and it’s just devastating how much damage we have done in our environment. Who would have thought we’ll buy clean water to drink now? And there’s just so much pollution in the air that you can’t simply just take a deep breath otherwise you’ll suffocate from all those smoke that’s coming out on factories and even our automobiles. And everywhere you can see all these garbage with plastics, etc. It makes me sad. Now, we’re wondering how come we are experiencing extreme global change right now? I read from somewhere the other day that Iraq experienced its first snowfall in its history and it’s difficult not to notice that there’s always something strange happening everywhere. At some point we should be thinking if we can still save what’s left of our ecosystem and if there’s still anything we can do to repair all the damages we’ve done. It’s a long shot but at least now, we are aware of the destruction and we are doing some ways to prevent a more catastrophic thing to happen in our mother nature.

In our own home, we are minimizing the use of plastics and we are trying to recycle everything that we can recycle so that we won’t just throw things away, we also support green products that are eco friendly, so that we can use 100% recycled materials. We are also trying to save energy and cutting down the use of unnecessary electricity. We are also conserving water, even though we have our own pump we try to spend less in water. I know that it’s probably insignificant that we are doing these things to somehow save the environment but it’s nice to know that in our own little way we can be a part of something important.

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