Monday, January 07, 2008

My college friends and I started to save about our 2010 European Trip, I know it’s a little early to be thinking about that but I always like to be prepared and we want to save a lot of money so that we can luxuriously treat ourselves with that holiday. We call it the European Fund and each and one of us is required to put some money in it and we’re thinking of ways to make money for our trip, sort of a fund raising campaign but this time it’s for a selfish cause. My other friend held a garage sale last Christmas and we pulled out some clothes that we don’t use anymore and we made a great deal of money.

We are already browsing the net to search for Paris hotels that will fit right on our budget. Those Paris Hôtels are really stunning and beautiful, I think it compliments how beautiful Paris is. I do speak and understand a little French, so I’m excited to be using it there too. My friends and I are really excited about this trip and we can hardly wait to go there but in the meantime, we’re going to satisfy ourselves in looking at the magnificent París Hoteles and the hope that one day we can find ourselves in of those Paris hotels.

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At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said........
I would really, really recommend the Holiday Inn PARIS-RÉPUBLIQUE. It was an awesome hotel and was very reasonable. I have been to Paris 4 times, twice I studied at the Sorbonne. It was a good choice!

At 12:39 PM, Blogger kegler747 said........
This is a great idea... nung high-school ako i have naman a Hong Kong Fund para gagastusin ko after ng graduation sa HK :)