Friday, February 01, 2008

The past few days have been toxic and I was so busy with a lot of things that I had forgotten that the most dreadful month has arrived. February, it’s the love month once again and no wonder I have been so grumpy all day.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now and words are not enough to even begin how my heart is breaking with the news that the one that used to be the love of my life for ten years has finally given up on me and I heard that he’s getting married in a few months. I should be happy for him, right?

After all that was what I wanted, that was the reason that I let him go, to let him find the one for him then can somebody tell me why am I so sad.

Is this the time for regrets?

Nah, I’ll get used to it somehow after all pain has been like a bitter pill that I take every day along with my medicines. Another heartache won’t kill me just yet.

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At 7:55 PM, Blogger Raising Mercury said........
oh no, 10 years and it ended? and he is getting married?? =( how are you coping? i dont think i could ever go through something like that.. im sure its tough

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Emmyrose said........
it was, but i'm okay :)

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Trinity said........
Hugs to you emmyrose... the best is yet to come ok? Blessings!