Saturday, March 29, 2008

I was sick since Wednesday and I was forced to stay home because my feet were swollen. But I have a client presentation yesterday that I needed to be in the office, it was a good thing that I was able to walk and my feet were much better. I love Fridays, it’s the time of the week where my friends from college meet up no matter where our offices are, we usually have dinner or catch a movie but we often just hang out at our favorite coffee shop and just update ourselves with what’s going on with our lives. Last night was highly special because our friend just got back from Singapore for a month-long vacation and she treated us for a bountiful dinner and we also took advantage of the time to talk about our greatly anticipated Boracay trip in a few weeks. We’ve all been there before but this one’s rather special because this will be our first time together in that island. I know sometimes Boracay is overrated and highly commercialized and too crowded and the Philippines has so much more to offer than Boracay but what the heck, we just want to be there. What annoyed me last night was the long line at the restaurant, we had to wait for a few minutes and we even had a prior reservation. And the long line at the ATM machine was also nerve-wrecking, goodness! It’s not even pay day yet but people are lining up to get whatever what’s left with their accounts some of my friends are even considering getting an online payday loan to help stretch their budget a little. I feel so blessed that financially and materially, God is giving me more than what I need.

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