Friday, March 14, 2008

Speaking of playing at casinos, I did enjoy playing the slot machine and although I did not hit the jackpot I was able to win some. It’s exciting and fun, I remembered laughing so hard with my cousins as we were waiting for the slots to give us some winning combination. I even have a slot game in our Playstation that I play sometimes. So if I ever decide to play online casino slots, I’ll check out the best online slots list first so that I can only find the best place to play. But one thing about online gaming is that there’s a risk of getting addicted to it and spend a lot of money to play. I think that’s already gambling and I don’t really like that, I only like to play just for fun nothing more. So I guess if ever you decide to play online, set yourself with some limitations and don’t get hooked on it too much.

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