Thursday, April 17, 2008

My college best friend will be leaving back to Singapore in the next few days. She only came here for our summer Boracay escapade and she needs to go back to work and her life back to Singapore. I know, it’s not that far and we can always visit her anytime we want to but still it’s not easy for her to be alone there and she’s missing out all the fun we’re having here. We stay in touch most of the time, chatting on the internet and she usually gives us a call everytime the whole group meets up for Friday night out, so that she can somehow feel that she’s with us and she’s part of the fun. She uses prepaid phone card that usually last a long time, it gives her a chance to talk to everyone and even give out details on what’s happening in our lives. Being away can be depressing and it’s a good thing, technology can somehow bring us closer and we can communicate to each other fast and easy. It used to be expensive too but now you can talk and talk whenever you please, without worrying about paying so much. Technology found a way to bridge the connection and somehow make distance not so far away.

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