Saturday, April 05, 2008
This is another long weekend and my mom received a luxurious gift of 3d/2n in a hotel in Manila and we’ll be spending this long weekend pampering ourselves and relax in a lavish hotel room. My family loves to travel and this summer we’ll be spending most of the time away from home and away from each other. My brother will be joining our church’s youth camp next week and my mom will attend several seminars and out of town trips for this month and I will be going away for my summer escapade next weekend too. It only means that our house will be empty since my mom is letting our housemaid stay at my cousin’s place for the time that we’re not at home. This is why we’re thinking of having some home security installed in our house just to give a sense of protection that our valuables at home will be protected even if we’re not home. There’s also a lot of benefit having this system in your home and could save you in a lot of ways.

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