Monday, April 28, 2008

Our house is currently a mess. We are renovating and redecorating our house. Every five years we try to renovate our house to fix anything that needs to be repaired and maintain the nice look of our house. My mom usually chooses the summer to do all these fixings so that she can monitor the workers and see for herself all the things she wanted to do. She takes care of everything but I get to choose the colors of the paint and I’m not sure if we need any new furniture, I think I won’t be buying anything this year just to save a couple of bucks. I do love the renovation, redecorating and all but what I hate is being displaced and the mess that’s all around me, not to mention the noise its creating all over the house. But I think I’ll be more patient for another week and I’ll be having some normality again in the house. I consider our house my haven, it’s not only a place of comfort but also it brings me a sense of security and I hate leaving the house for so long whenever we travel and next week we’ll all be leaving again for another trip. That is why it’s important to have homeowner insurance just to give you a peace of mind wherever you are.

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