Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I had a marvelous time in Boracay and it was surely an escapade worth remembering. I had so much fun and although I’m still feeling exhausted and sleepy, I need to get back to work so that I can afford another holiday very soon. My friends and I enjoyed every moment in that paradise island and I was surprised how the island changed the last time I was there. I’m not too happy with the fact that Boracay was somehow exploited and over commercialized, and I hate the fact that some tourist especially the locals don’t care much about the beaches and they just leave trash all over. It’s also a shame that some foreign tourist got screwed by local crooks but anyway that’s just the other side of Boracay that no one seems to care. When I got home this morning, my mom told me that we should prepare for our US Visa interview in the next few days and if things turn out well we’ll be visiting our relatives in the US. Our first stop would be California where most of my relatives dwell and then I will be fulfilling my dream to see the sunrise at the Grand Canyon and while we’re there we’ll be looking out for the best Las Vegas Hotel Deal that we can find to check in a Vegas Hotel to further explore the sin city and watch shows that my mom is dying to see. I just hope we can get a Las Vegas Hotel that is good enough for all of us. But first, I’m praying to do well in the visa interview, so wish us luck.

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