Saturday, May 24, 2008

I don’t usually wear a watch that probably explains why I’m always late. Kidding aside, I don’t really like to wear a watch because my skin is hypersensitive and I always get a rash everytime I wear one. But just recently I discovered that I am not allergic to watches anymore and I can wear it for a whole day and it does not give me a rash. That’s when I started collecting watches and I don’t particularly wear all of them regularly but I just like to collect them. I’ve got favorites too and this is my everyday watch, a white gold with opal stones with butterflies especially made for me. It was a gift from a dear friend who works in a watch company in Switzerland and she custom made that watch for me last year. It really made me feel so special and I just love that watch so much.

I have several watches that I love as well and I’m not particular with the brand but with the quality, design and overall performance of the watch. I usually like watches that are simple yet oozing with elegance, just like raymond weil watches they’re design is just beautiful and equipped with the latest technology.

Now, that I wear a watch, you probably think I’m already always on time nah I’m still always late why?? Because I hate waiting and most of my friends are always late so I always arrive late than usual to avoid waiting.

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