Friday, May 09, 2008

My college friends and I are already saving for our European Tour set on 2010 and we are already saving for our ultimate travel adventure. I am so excited to plan that trip that I consider an enchanting dream, I’ve always wanted to set foot on Paris, I think it’s the most romantic city in the world and my best friend sent me this picture as she and her French hubby shared a kiss at the Eiffel Tower during their honeymoon.

I would also like to ride a gondola in Venice and explore the ancient city of Rome. I can’t wait for that ultimate dream to take place.

I know that trip could be expensive that is why my friends and I are already saving for it and we even have a European fund for our dream travel and we are already browsing the internet for some affordable accommodations that we can find that will fit right to our budget. It’s a good thing we found this website it offers a wide variety of cheap accommodations if you are looking for Paris Hotels, Venice Hotels, Amsterdam Hotels and even Hotels Rome. They can provide you best accommodation in France and can make your trip absolutely wonderful.

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that's so sweet! :)

hope it's ok, but I've got a tag for you, here.

happy tuesday!