Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer is the lean season for my printing business. Since school is out, the students are nowhere near my shop which is near the school district. That’s okay because I am certain that once the school opens this June everything will be back to normal but till then I have to cut down on my shop’s expenses and determine my loses, so I can recover them as soon as school starts. I also need to have a new promotion and marketing scheme to attract more clients. This summer I gave a discounted price for photo developing and scrapbooking designs which was good because it somehow carried me throughout the lean months. I was a bit worried before that I need to get personal loan just to help me with the payables. I don’t want to ask my parents for any support that is why I thought of getting a loan instead. I don’t really like getting loans, I always thought that it will only add to my financial burden because of the hidden fees and interests. I also thought acquiring a loan needs a lot of work and it’s too much hassle on my part because it’s time consuming but now as an entrepreneur I can understand that loans are pretty much a part of the whole business arena.

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