Monday, June 16, 2008
I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted here. I just need to attend to a lot of things and I took advantage of my spare time to just relax and chill out. I wish I was on a holiday or a luxury cruise but I wasn’t I just stayed home and rest. I’ve been so sick lately that I decided to take a break and after a week of self isolation, I’m still not feeling one hundred percent alright but I can’t stay away forever. Somehow I’m hoping that my break had done me well.

I would love to go to a holiday and I can’t wait for 2010 where my greatest European Getaway will take place. I’m dying to see Spain and stay in Madrid Hotels and Barcelona Hotels. I would love to explore its cities and be at awe by the breath-taking landmarks like Paseo del Prado, Palacio Real, among others. Our trip also includes Italy and it’ll be a dream come true to stay in Venice Hotels and enjoy the magnificent and romantic view of Florence Hotels. I just can’t wait for our trip and see those wonderful places. I’m quite sure it’ll be one of my most unforgettable experience.

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