Monday, June 02, 2008

Most of us our ranting about the high cost of fuel these days and we can blame all we want but I think there’s really nothing we can do about it. Yes, we may try some creative ways to save on gasoline but still I would rather spent money on gas rather than tire myself with walking and find myself in the hospital again. And don’t even ask me to ride a bike because I can’t, for starters I don’t know how to ride a bicycle and the sun exposure can also trigger flares. What I do is to have my car checked so that it’s functioning well enough. I also plan to buy a new car before my birthday and I’m torn about buying a brand new car or used cars. Personally, I prefer buying a brand new car but it’s too expensive and I don’t think it’s practical at this time but I’m also have a lot of worries to buy used cars because I may end regretting it. But my friend told me that it’s safe to buy used cars but first you have to have it checked by your trusted mechanic and its way cheaper. Well, I still have a long time to decide but I certainly hope I have the budget to buy one.

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