Wednesday, August 06, 2008
My adorable and cuddly nephew loves the outdoor and he probably can’t wait to walk on his own but for now he has to be in his pushchair. I don’t mind pushing him in his chair every time we stroll around the mall. He’s just too cute and everyone will often stare at him and my cousin and I are too proud because we can see the admiration in their eyes. Some people will even mistakenly think that my nephew is a commercial model or something, I guess with his beautiful skin and cuddliness he has the making of a star someday.

I am probably spoiling him and I can’t really deny that among my other nephews and nieces he is my favorite and can you really blame me. His mother, my cousin is also my best friend and we’re really close every since we were kids and it’s only natural that I’m closer to his son among everyone else.

I just love babies and I can’t wait to have my own child someday (if God allows) and maybe I’ll go overboard shopping for him. Don’t you find babies stuff really nice these days, who would’ve thought baby pushchairs, pram and a lot more baby accessories can be so beautiful.

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