Monday, August 18, 2008

Don’t you just hate those annoying phone calls that disrupt your work and no matter how firm you are in saying you’re not interested to whatever they’re selling they just keep on calling. How about those prank callers, who just have nothing to do but upset you. I hate these callers but unfortunately I get several of these and I sometimes wish that I could trace them up and banned them from ever calling me again.

Now, I probably can by reverse phone lookup service by it’s a remarkable service that can look up the owner’s name and address of any unknown phone number, you can even look up for missed calls from unknown phone numbers that appear on your phone bill. Isn’t that great? What’s more amazing with this service is that looking up in the reverse phone directory is completely confidential and no one will alert anyone that you’re searching their numbers. Too bad this service is only available for telephone and even cell phone numbers in the US and Canada. But hey, at least they can do something to fight back those harassing phone calls. It’s truly a helpful and incredible service.

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