Thursday, October 02, 2008
I’m under health turmoil again. My lupus nephritis decided to come back and now I am back with high dose of steroids and serious medical treatment again. It’s depressing and you know what’s worse it may seem lame to others but for someone who have been fat for almost half my life, losing a lot of weight during my remission was something that really made me happy and now that I’m starting to gain weight because of all those medication, I am starting to feel sad and hate staring myself at the mirror. If only I can take Lipovox or any fat burners, but of course I couldn’t. I guess, I just have to live through this and hopefully when the worse is over I can start losing weight all over again.

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At 12:27 AM, Blogger 2007 my life ends said........
I hate those situations where you life is at stake but the medication makes you feel bad. If you try and stay active it might keep your mind of the problem and help at the same time. My sister is in the same situation but she just works out like a machine and things even out somehow. I'm probably the one slowing her down now.