Sunday, August 12, 2007
Life isn't a destination..
It's a journey...
We all come upon unexpected curves and turning points, mountaintops and valleys. Everything happens to us shapes who we are becoming.
In the adventure of each day, we discover the best in ourselves.

Indeed, life is a journey. We are always on the road, running and searching. Each time the sun greets us, we have the opportunity to pause, to see where we have been, to notice how far we have come, and to ponder how the journey has been for us. Every sunrise is always the start of all our beginnings, it is the time to clear our visions and refresh our dreams as we set once more on a journey that is ours.

As I recall many mornings that came my life, I see how differently I have entered each day. Sometimes I greeted the sunrise with deep contentment and peace in my heart, full of gratitude that a new day is about to begin, but most of my mornings I rush into the things that needs to be done. Some mornings when my Lupus illness is very severe, I greeted my mornings with pain and heartaches, with suppressed tears and a heavy burden all over me.

I've walked most of my life with anxiety over struggles and heart filled of worry. My journey so far has been very pleasant. Fair enough, I must say. Whatever happened in my past had all worked together to make me who I am today. Those experiences had made me strong and the lessons I've learned from it will serve as my guide for the future ahead.

But in every walk we make, let's not forget we're not working for vain. In every step we take we're not walking alone. In which way we choose to move ahead there's always a God who had never forsaken us. In every path we travel, God promised that He will never leave us, that He will always love us unconditionally.

So the next time the sun rises upon you, look up, and thank Him for another new day.


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At 7:01 PM, Blogger .: jackie :. said........
and im the very lucky one to leave the first comment here.

I second the motion dear. life will always be a stroll to our journey. if we can't get rid of it, we can either path ways or get over it. That's the earliest condition God made before creating Adan and Eve. life to the fullest! enjoy everything even beyond the virtual world. keep on blogging padin daw. hehe ;)

nice entry :D

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Emmyrose said........
Thanks Jackie, I do appreciate your comment.

God bless! :)