Saturday, November 10, 2007

I had a nice day.

Yesterday, I've been ranting about how I was not able to sleep for a couple of days and I have been really stressed out. But last night, I was able to have a good night sleep and today, I tried to stay away from my PC the whole day and cooked lunch for my family...

Want to have Kare-Kare?

My brother loved this so much and he complimented on my cooking. Later in the afternoon, I attended one of my godchildren first birthday. It was fun seeing some old friends and I think I have lost my voice for singing my heart out with my cousin's new magic sing. And tonight, as I was checking my email I got a lot of OPP's approved and more funds at PayPal. I have received an email too from PPP that my post has been auto-approved because of my high quality performance as a PPP postie and they even congratulated me for being an outstanding PPP postie. I feel happy and all my hard work are starting to pay off. Good evening everyone!

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