Saturday, April 05, 2008

I was sort of feeling sad to see that my technorati score is declining in almost all of my blogs and I can’t seem to understand it since I am receiving high traffic and I’ve been linked to with other blogs. I’m not sure what’s happening but I try not to be bothered about it, as long as I still have my pagerank I wouldn’t worry that much. Sometimes I want to ask if ranking and stats are really important in a blog, personally if I’m not monetizing my blog maybe I wouldn’t care much but I do care about the quality of blog I am contributing to cyberspace, I don’t want to be a clutter and I want my readers to like what they read and somehow learn from it. I know I may not be blogging with all my heart most of the time but mostly this is all me, my thoughts, my feelings and everything in between. I just want to feel special and not some just insignificant blogger. Am I alone with these thoughts or do you share my sentiments?

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