Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love blogging. Although there are times that I feel exhausted by it or I’m simply not in the mood to blog about anything, I still love blogging. I can give you a lot of reasons why I am hooked in blogging and one of them is meeting and discovering some interesting people around the internet whom you have never met yet somehow with their blogs you can interact with them, get to know them by reading their posts and it is always wonderful to read about the inner thoughts of other people. There are times in our lives that we get too emotional with a lot of stuff and we tend to feel we are all alone in our struggles but reading other blogs makes you realize you are not alone in this world. I particularly like to read about mom’s blog, I am not yet a mom but reading about the fun experiences of being a mom just makes me want to be a mom someday. I had a good read about it today yummy baby, stop by her sometime and read about a 10month-old thoughts along with her Mamee.

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