Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's rather difficult to maintain a lot of blogs and I have to admit I've been neglecting this blog. Since my two domain sites are currently down...

Dancing With Butterflies - experienced an error while upgrading to Wordpress 2.7 and I'm still finding a way to fix it

Blessed Chic - I just transferred to another web host and this site will be up again very soon

I'm taking this chance to update my other blogs. I've been very lazy to blog the past few weeks and blame it on the holidays and the very long vacation but I really enjoyed my time away from the internet and the computer. I've been very sick too and I'm trying to contemplate my condition and I hate to burst it out in my blog, I just feel there's so much sadness and confusion in my thoughts that I need to deal on my own. Hopefully, I can find the joy to blog again and on that note I'm updating my links again and deleting my blogs from my blogroll that doesn't link back to me, it's a new year and I guess it's about time to forget some old acquaintance and meet some new ones...

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